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Vandem Swapmeet - 5th November 2016

Every skater needs to have a little clearout every now and then... if your cupboards are anything like ours you'll know what we mean!

So we're having a Swapmeet on Saturday 5th November from 10.00-1.30 at our Bristol shop!

Just bring along any old skate gear and swap it with other skaters for something more useful.

We'll be on hand with tea, coffee and all the usual Saturday Morning Opening trappings... See you there!


  • Yo Lazlo! The shop will be open as normal so if we’ve got it in stock – you can buy it! We’ll be on hand with the tools to help you switch stuff up. See you on Saturday! – Rich

  • Hi I was thinking of going to the swap and I was wondering If I could buy stuff aswell.
    I only have one longboard (a lush freebyrd which I bought from you) and one spare set of wheels (probably too old for anyone to want) and I was thinking of ‘upgrading’ because im just getting into sliding and my deck is pretty mangled and i would like to build my own.
    I have only been longboarding for one year but its great!
    From laszlo

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