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Vandem Event recap: The Crafternoon

From little kids last week...

To big ones today.

Last night we had our "Vandem Crafternoon". It was so very wholesome and - as it quickly became a Vandem Crafterdinner - I am so very tired, so this week's newsletter is simply a recap.

The next event here is a board maintenance evening on the 11th July - think cleaning bearings and trying new bushings. Expect to leave with your board feeling better than you ever knew it could!

And the paints will still be here if the following gets your creative juices flowing...

If you want to have a go at home, all we needed was:

  • Acrylic spray paints
  • Acrylic paint paints
  • Posca paint pens
  • Masking tape
  • Old bits of cardboard or paper
  • Imagination


Around 5pm the first happy faces arrived... the rest is history.

Once the mood was high, spray paints were strategically moved slightly further from the front door. Christina from Portishead SUP Co brought 2 apprentices along.

I must admit, although I was impressed by the first round of board painting in winter, I did not expect quite such a high level of creativity and skill to be on show. Absolutely loved it.

Chins were wagged as paint dried and designs came together among the chaos. The chaos goose, that is.

I was flagging hard around 9pm and had no choice but to hit the big salad button. Life saver.

Here are the finished products. Let me know which is your favourite :)

Can you see the detail? Check out @titsandbits_isback on Insta if you dig the vibe!

No prizes for naming the planet here. @danabelmusic took a break from his studio to paint this one.

Chaos goose!!!


Off home for a nap now, which may well last until Monday.

Enjoy the weekend and I'll see your inbox again next week,
Matt @ Vandem

The late night crew after dinner was cleared away and boards were dry.


And me? After a successful outing to Cheddar pumptrack last week and being reluctant to write "PUMP MASTER" on my shoes, I have ended up with a block of cheese.
It's like an onomatopoeia, except it doesn't sound how it sounds, it looks how it smells!
Shop dog approved.


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