Upcoming Skate Events

*Actually Tom and Ry have the solution...

And it's Tregaron Freeride.

This first appeared on our events calendar 10 years ago! A Welsh weekend of downhill skateboarding, without the uphill walking.

Smooth tarmac, haybales, beautiful surroundings, uplifts, spotless portaloos and guaranteed sunshine.

If you've been toying with the idea of going faster on your board, this is a fantastic event to do it in a traffic-free environment, with qualified medics on site.

Tickets to the 2024 event have just gone on sale. It will sell out - don't hang around too long.

Prefer to stay on the flat?

You're not alone! In fact, the whole year is full of events that will suit you.

This weekend we are hosting a surfskate meetup. Let us know if you're coming - we're making party bags...

Monthly cruises in Bristol, a 24-hour Ultraskate in Kent, and for the first time in 15 years: a World Championship Downhill race in the UK!

Worth getting over to spectate that one. Having ridden that track, I personally guarantee a high level of entertainment.*

Naturally we'll close out the summer season with the Bristol Board Meeting and it's legendary charity raffle, too.

Organising something of your own? Let us know! We'll add it to the calendar, and can shout about it too.

We'll see a bunch of you tomorrow. The rest, at the BBM on the 8th September - if not before!

Keep those nuts tight,
Matt @ Vandem

*By which I mean: carnage.

Excuse the grainy image, but I had to dig this one out of the archives.
2009, Eastbourne Speed Days - the last world cup race held on these shores.
A high level of entertainment, guaranteed.


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