Loaded Longboards -

These boards transformed Rich...

You asked...

We delivered.

Now you too can metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly.

Loaded Recommended Completes now available at Vandem.

What were we selling up til now, then?

For years we've been building up the Loaded decks with undercarriages of Sabre trucks and Cult wheels.


Well, it meant we could sell a fully quality Loaded complete at a pricepoint slightly lower than expected. In fact, we still are.

So why the change?

The Loaded brand with Paris trucks and Orangatang wheels is an iconic collaboration and you've been asking us to get them in for a while.

So here you are: simply choose Loaded Recommended as your setup.

Got a skate itch to scratch? Come to level 7 of the Cabot Circus carpark next week - they've shut it down to cars for a week of skateboarding.

Do keep in mind that while they are beautiful setups, they won't actually increase your skate ability, fluidity or your looks in general.

Only you can do that.

Not that you need to, you look great already.
Matt @ Vandem

With a build straight from Loaded themselves, the Tesseract features Paris V3 180mm 43 degree trucks, Orangatang Stimulus 86A wheels and Loaded's own Jehu bearings. Freeride ready. Boosh.
Now I love the Cultrons on our elite setup - they carried me comfortably home at the Board Meeting this year and I loved every minute. However, there is something simply correct about seeing an Icarus with a big ol' set of orange Otangs bolted on.


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