New Skate Product, Pantheon Longboards -

The weirdest board in the shop

"What do you mean, wiggly?"

The Pantheon Supersonic looks weird.

But it's not only the deck that is wiggly... it's the intended use.

Super-low to the floor it's immediately recognisable as a "distance" longboard. They're being ridden for commutes, general fitness, marathon and ultramarathon races and even across countries.

However, this one is firmly in a class of it's own.

The crazy angled truckmounting (wiggles) mean that whilst it's amazingly easy to push, it also pumps.

Whether you're cruising down the cycle path or embarking on an adventure of epic proportions, it's always good to save a little energy.

And being able to stop pushing, and continue propelling yourself forward by pumping is exactly what this board is made to do.

Designed to have a standard 50° truck up front and a 40° on the back - the Bear 155mm 40° being the best narrow option right now. The back truck you can ride on the -17° angle OR you can flip it around and ride it backwards, on the 40°...

Needless to say, it doesn't feel like any other board in our shop, and it looks mental because it is.

Not content with only decks, there's a new Pantheon wheel out too.

At 102mm, the Pantheon Hoku isn't for the faint hearted, and it's not necessarily a good upgrade for your regular old topmounted longboard.

But if the Supersonic above tickles your fancy... these do wonders on a board made to go far.

It may look weird, but we're glad there are companies out there pushing the boundaries of what's possible, what works, and what wiggles.

It's only getting darker from here. Do a skate while it's still easy,
Matt @ Vandem

With well thought-out concepts and always with classy graphics, it's a pleasure to have Pantheon Longboards on our shelves.

We might need to start using something for scale in our wheel shots, because this doesn't show how massive these are!


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