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Survey complete - your rewards await! candy?

Those of you who've ridden bushings too hard or soft for you will know the feeling that Danielle and I tried to get across in our recent social post:

Those of you who've been into the shop lately will have felt the difference too, as we had you testing out various options before we let you buy anything!

In the interest of replicating that service in an online space, we are now sending complete boards out with the bushings customised for their new rider.

All of the survey responses have helped us build the weight categories we think best apply across types of trucks and boards:

As a thank you, and in addition to all the special edition shiny Cult stickers we already sent out (!), we're now offering YOU a free set of bushings.

Whether you've been considering going harder, softer, supercarvier or barrellyer (?), now's your chance to jump in.

Free bushings, free shipping, no strings attached.*

Maybe it's possible for me to have achieved that in one discount code, but I couldn't work out how, so you'll need two... At checkout, input:


And your bushing order should be completely free.

On mobile, click this "Show order summary" button to add discount codes.

Why are we doing this?

Well, we don't have an overabundance of riches, big houses or new T6s, but we do have a lot of love for what we ride and what we do, and we want you to feel some of that too.

Cor, I'm a poet and I never even realised.

Wishing you all a bit of sun this weekend,
Matt @ Vandem

*You do however have to use your email address that you're subscribed to this newsletter for it to work :)

Rich, carving, 2010. He's been thinking about this plan for some time...


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