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Powell Dragons are here... to stay


It's a common question in the shop:

I want a cruiser that I can also take to the skatepark - what wheels should I get?

The trouble is, everything that makes a soft wheel great across town means they feel sluggish, slippery and make farty sounds in the skatepark.

That is, until now...

Animal Chin wasn't the only thing they were searching for, and after a decade experimenting with urethane, George Powell has struck gold.

Might they work for you?

That depends - where are you on the scale? The... dragonscale.


Currently available in: 56mm, 58mm, 60mm and 64mm.

Short and sweet today, I'm rushing home to repair a ding before I can get back in the water...
Matt @ Vandem

Just look at the hype in internetland! Everyone wants a piece of the juice.

If you've ordered recently you might have gotten a squiggle from Danielle or I that roughly resembled a skateboard. This week we've had 2 amazing helpers in the shop - Ana and Yogi, who have seriously upped our personal delivery note game! Unique art available until next Wednesday. I am thinking of ordering something myself...


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