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Old School Skateboard Section

We've been stocking a small selection of old-school reissue decks, and wheels and trucks to go with them of late.

Popsicles have their place... but we're two old dudes in a shed with a ramp, and we want big, shapey skateboards that make us feel like it's 1987 again.

Like our longboard stuff, we're very picky about what we stock. We're only doing brands that we think are rad, and we're only doing things that we skate (or want to skate!) ourselves.

Basically we're like kids in a sweet shop.

Our stock is changing all the time, as we generally only get limited numbers of stuff in at any one time. So if you see something you like... get on it before someone else does... or we pull it off the wall ourselves and skate it!

Check out our deck selection for brands like Death, Creature, Santa Cruz, Flip, Lush and Anti Hero.

We're got wheels by Spitfire, OJ, Powell and Death, and trucks by Independent and Sabre to get you rolling.

If you feel the need to Gleam Some Heavy Cube, hit us up and we'll get you rolling on the good stuff!!


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