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New Precision Completes


The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.

Product, especially trucks, designed to the highest level of accuracy, guaranteeing smoother turns, more stability and dopamine of previously unattainable levels.


And it's not only the dopamine that's more attainable than ever.

We've expanded our selection of Precision completes and heavily dropped the prices.

Precision setups are the highest level setups that we offer at Vandem - in fact, I'm confident in saying that they are the best available anywhere at all.

What truly sets them apart is the trucks - they're cold forged. Stronger and lighter than any other truck out there (see the video below), with CNC precision where it matters: the axles and pivots.


These were the trucks ridden by Pete Connolly for his Guiness World Record speed of 91.17mph. Would I recommend that? Not necessarily... but if they're good enough for him, I'm certainly not complaining.

The new Precision completes are available from as little as £237.50 - an absolute steal considering the trucks themselves retail at £180 a pair!

Well worth it for anyone uninterested in ever upgrading again: 100% faith in your equipment guaranteed.

New options from Lush, Loaded and Hackbrett all up on the site. Eddie and Mike - expect a call very soon, your new Hackbrett decks are in transit.

Long weekends incoming - see you on the hill,
Matt @ Vandem

The Lush Throttle precision... I've talked a lot about the trucks, but these wheels are my dirty little secret.
People seem to think I know what I'm doing in the pumptrack, but its all down to the wheels! Ridiculously fast, and they slide nicely once broken in, too.
Cult Invaders, the real MVP.

How about some hand-shaped goodness out of the Blackforest?
Hackbrett and Sabre trucks is a match made in heaven. I've been known to ride it myself.


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