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New from Loaded: The Symtail

It's always a good day

When a new shape from Loaded Longboards arrives in the shop!

Hot on the tails of the 21st Anniversary Vanguard (just one left!) we've got another new release of 2024:

Loaded Symtail

A carving, pumping, cruising, tricking board that has clearly evolved over 20 years, yet stays true to the Loaded way of life.

And talk about attention to detail... even the graphic has evolved with the deck:

From the early days of Loaded's take on a pintail, through the "Fattail" era, we have arrived at the Symtail.

With a classic layup of bamboo, fibreglass and cork, keeping your feet between the trucks results in a lively, flowy, fun ride through town - not dissimilar to the original board on the left.

What's changed over time is the tail(s). What started out designed for pure carving had a tail added in 2011 - now it could be that much niftier round the city.

With no ill effects noticed from adding the tail, in 2024 it's become the nose! Now the carving, pumping machine can fully facilitate your tricks, flow and flair as you cruise from A to B.

For those of you that remember the Tan Tien - this looks suspiciously like a topmounted version.

And why not? It was one of their most functional and popular models.

If that isn't moving with the times, I don't know what is.

And if anyone knows how to do that, it's Loaded.

Now I must run. There's a high chance of a ray of sunshine this weekend,
Matt @ Vandem

I'd like to say that every board we stock looks great on our racks.
But there's certainly something about the Loaded stuff that stands out.


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