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Longboard events + Good weather = Best ever

Summer's here - and just in time!

Last weekend I got sunburnt. In Wales?!

This weekend you'll be at risk too. In Bristol!

Just in time, we've got the complete haul of prizes in for the raffle this weekend. Don't ask me how much it's worth, I don't know. It's in the £thousands.

Raffle tickets available on the day (tomorrow!). We'll see you there...

And last weekend:

Where to start?

Tregaron Freeride ran for the 6th time last weekend, making it far and away the longest-running downhill event this country's ever seen.

For perspective on how that looks, here's Tom from the first event and the last:

Events like these are the lifeblood of any scene. They bring people together, push their level and expand their mind - especially when Will is about.

They're also a ton of effort to pull together, almost completely thankless and tend to make a loss.

So if you're remotely into the idea of skating down hills, I urge you to get involved next year. A UK freeride is a special flavour of freeride.

If you were there and didn't yet see the photo albums from Ross at Skatography, spot yourself here: The shots are free for your personal use, but contact Ross to throw him a few bob for anything commercial. Like this email.

Highlights for me included:
  • Actually being there
  • Stoked locals and farmer
  • Solid girls contingent
  • Oli S causing complaints by laying hard footbrakes
  • Dan S turning right
  • Phil M winning the hardwheel run
  • Not stressing about racing
  • The offshores at Llangenith on the way home

I've just about come back to life now, ready to throw myself at the BBM tomorrow.

Can't wait.
Matt @ Vandem

Eventual race winner Jack shredding through corner 1 under Izac's watchful eye, meanwhile red kites soared above waiting to pick off anyone who crashed into the field.
Less danger of that tomorrow - just good times and a few miles to cruise along and have a chat.


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