Landyachtz 2024: The final drop!

I'm very sorry

For bombarding you with such juicy new product offerings.

We try to keep the newsletter full of complete randomness, but in springtime our brands don't leave us much choice.

We eagerly await our deliveries, the tunes are on, and suddenly: new models, new graphics, excitement, photography, product listing, stoked phone calls, piles of boxes, bemused DHL drivers, kilos of cardboard... exhaustion.

We love it.

This week: The second half of our Landyachtz 2024 delivery.


There are boards of all shapes and sizes, so if you've been even slightly considering a new one lately... I recommend you do not click through on the link, because you're highly likely to end up purchasing.

A note on Landyachtz Surfskates:
If you have your heart set on a surfskate, you'll likely be better served by our other offerings featuring Carver Trucks. The Landyachtz setups don't turn on a dime like the Carvers can, and you will need a few pushes before you can start pumping on them.

They've created a sort of hybrid. A split-angle compact cruiser which, while it's not a surfskate in the true sense of the word... is super fun! It's rare to be able to pump a cruiser board and it makes them a great tool for city shredding.

Now, it's almost time to go and finish that nap,
Matt @ Vandem

The new Tugboat "Midnight Snek". I appreciate that it is a snake, but why the spelling mistake? Well:
Snek is internet-speak for snake. Sneks became the subject of cute, absurdist memes depicting the reptiles’ inner monologue … similar to doge.
Related words:
danger noodle"
Every day's a school day.


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