Khiro, New Skate Product -

Khiro Wedged Angled Rail Risers!

Get your tweak on! We've just got some of these Khiro Angled Riser Kits in stock if you really want to dial your baseplate angle in without spending a fortune on CNC precision trucks.

This kit will allow you to dabble in the world of "split angles" - which is where you run a "wedged" truck at the front and a "dewedged" truck at the back of your board. By making your front truck turn more than your back truck, you can reduce speed wobble, increase turn, and create a more positive hookup from faster slides. If you're getting into some downhill speed or slalom, this will help you no end!

Get in touch if you want a hand setting these up, or even better, stop in the shop and we can do it for you!

(top tip - they work really well with Sabre Forged Precisions for downhill... ;)


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