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A New Cult Wheel and Hard Wheels in general...

*also for skateboarding

You are feeling very sleepy...

Just kidding, but I am starting to feel a little hypnotised whilst I compose my thoughts...

...Hard wheels, then. Not what you might expect from a longboard and cruiser shop, perhaps, but hear me out!

If you've ever visited our Old-school and Re-issue category, you'll have noticed a few sets of hard wheels. Around 55-60mm and 99a for the most part.

Why, and why now? And what about soft wheels?

- We stock products that we like to skate! Therefore, that has to include something for the skatepark and for that yellow curb behind Morrisons.

Why now?
- I shamelessly wanted to shout about the new Cult Zero!

I've ridden a set and - much more impressively - seen Adam engage warp speed around his local park on them too. There wasn't a session where someone didn't ask him what his wheels were. They're fast and they have real presence.


- Just as important - the clocks have changed. No more sunny after-work cruising along the seafront... (I know, I feel it too!)

However, you don't have to hang up your cruiser for a few months and return, bleary-eyed, in Spring to find you've lost that natural balance you built up all summer long!

Indoor skateparks exist, and they're becoming increasingly friendly places. There are kids sessions, womens sessions, even sessions where scooters aren't allowed!

With a few goes over winter, you can return to the streets next year with confidence - no need to get off to step down that curb anymore. If you really get into it, you'll get to grips with ollieing up them too!

Hence this post - because unfortunately soft wheels are pretty crap in the skatepark. What makes them great on asphalt just slows them down on wood or concrete.

So if you or anyone around you might be tempted - check out our hard wheel selection. If you've got a cruiser, the rest of your setup should work just fine.

Still here? I'm going to send a 10% discount code to the first person to tell me correctly how many wheels are visible in photos in this blog post. Go!

Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you next week,
Matt @ Vandem

The Cult Zero being put through its paces.
Lush teamrider Jooz disappears into the skatepark for winter too...can you tell?

I hadn't forgotten!
Alongside our epic collection of soft wheels already available, we have recently tidied up the shelves in the office and have found quite the number of wheels.
Packaged and unpackaged, hard and soft, grippy and slidey.
There would have been a time when we could have told you exactly what they were... but it has past.
Therefore we are offering them up as "Mystery Wheels".
Cruiser wheels £10 a set
Longboard wheels £15 a set
While stocks last!


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