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Happy 21st, Loaded Longboards


If Loaded Longboards were human...

...they could now drink beer in America.

If they were British, they'd already be 5+ years deep into a binge... but that's another story, hey, Lush Longboards est. 1999?

Point is, Loaded Longboards have been here since the start - leading the way in many aspects of board design and construction, longboard media and fostering a worldwide community.

It is with great pleasure that we can share the Loaded 21st Anniversary Vanguard, now available at Vandem.


With only 250 produced, they'll be snapped up by those who have been inspired by the Loaded brand over the years, keen to proudly display and shred a piece of their legacy.

I'm not sure how many of the 250 will come our way so it's worth jumping in sooner rather than later if you're tempted.

Certainly I have fond memories of Loaded - from watching early Adam Colton videos at school, to completing their newsletter challenges and even getting my hands on a Dervish. I loved that thing.

It shaped me - more than 15 years later, I'm writing a newsletter of my own, I've even landed in a video or two...

But I'm still waiting to wake up one day as attractive as Adam Colton.

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

We're honoured to have these boards in the shop. For an in-depth look at Loadeds history, check out their new podcast series on YouTube - get hyped and go take advantage of the winter sun!

And remember, Blue Monday is made up :)
Matt @ Vandem

Loaded, 21 years. Beautiful!
And the first one in is number 85/250.
It's a sharky world out there - make sure to ask your retailer which they've got. If they don't know, they might not have it as in stock as they claim..!


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