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Hackbrett Longboards back in stock

We're had a fresh delivery of Hackbrett Longboards from our friends in Freiburg, Germany yesterday.

The boards are seriously nice bits of kit, beuatifully hand made from local materials, with years of skating evident in the shapes, concaves and profiles.

Check out the:

Hackbrett Wasser - super-huge downhill pintail, cruiser and dancing deck (this is the shop favourite right now!!)

Hackbrett Balance - beautiful pintail, perfect as a dancing and cruising longboard

Hackbrett Das Schnelle - tidy speedboard with a mini-tail

Hackbrett Krokodil - symmetical freeride longboard deck with some immense concave

We can get pretty much any Hackbrett stuff you want, give us a shout if you want something and we'll make it happen!


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