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Going the extra mile for the environment

How's this for carbon neutral delivery?

Our courier, DHL - in line with the rest of the industry - has a lot of nice words on the sustainability page of their website.

But we figured there's no sense in waiting until 2030 when they will be offering "Green last mile delivery" across the board. We can do it now!

I say we... I mean Rob.*

Ordering within Bristol? Ask us for special delivery by Rob on your order notes and he'll get it to ya.

Are you also running errands round town now and then? Rob tends to ride his Lush Throttle or his old-school cruiser when making deliveries. Short, and maneuverable, with a kicktail for obstacles and slidey wheels for slowing down with style.

On the topic of deliveries, I'd advise avoiding Royal Mail during November as their strike action continues.

In other news, we've been asked about the possibility of testing out the new Lush Radian. Well, we've had one delivered to the shop simply signed "Jooz". If you know, you know. If you don't - stay tuned because I feel a video part in the air...

Come by to have a go and see what all the fuss is about!

Take it steady and remember, that thing you're worried might happen? It won't.
Matt @ Vandem

*Rich's talents lay in spreadsheets, and I'm far too occupied crafting extensively silly ideas for emails. Rob was a bike courier for years though. He knows the way and he's a tough cookie.


By popular demand and good fortune, we now have a Lush Radian board here for you to test. It's a little scratched and is signed by elusive Lush Longboards teamrider Jooz and it'll appear soon enough in a video - I'll no doubt send an email about that too.


Bonus points that the shirt matches the Radian graphic...
You know the drill - we don't use plastic to wrap things. We use recycled and recyclable cardboard that we collect from the post office every day.
If you're lucky, they've sold a box of Nag Champa recently and you'll open up to the sweet smell of enlightenment!


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