Free Bushings or Tshirt when you spend over £100!

We've just upped our game when it comes to free longboard stuff!

When you order over £100's worth of skate goodies from us, you can choose from either a Free Vandem Tshirt or a Free Sabre Bushing Kit!

Free Sabre Longboard Bushings

Sabre Bushing Kits come with four bushings and four washers - enough for a pair of trucks, or both ends of your board.


We believe that bushings are something that every longboarder should be experimenting with - and now we're giving you the chance to do so, for free!

You can choose from Sabre's SuperCarve (4x cone bushings), Carve (2x cone, 2x barrel bushings) or Speed (4x barrel) Kits. You can also pick your durometer (hardness) - 86A, 90A, 93A or 96A.

So let's imagine that you're buying a dancing longboard setup, and you're a bit lighter than the average skater - choose some softer Supercarve bushings to make your board more responsive.

Or suppose you're buying a fast freeride deck, and you want to tighten things down a bit - choose a Sabre Speed Kit in 93A or even 96A.

We screen all our shop Tshirts right here in Bristol, on quality blanks. Just add choose your size as you check out and we'll get one to you with your order!

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