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Christmas skate crafts

Who's there?


Noah who?

Noahny good festive crafts for the skater in my life?

Why yes I do, please step inside...


Don't go anywhere - there's more!

Starting with the most simple: Advent candles

What you'll need:

- Old wheels (or new ones, just don't burn the candles too low)
- Fork 'andles

Step one:
Put the candles in the wheels and light each advent Sunday...



Yes, those cats are the new curtains for my van. Yes, I did pay money for it. No, I have no regrets.

If you happen to like getting craftier still, and bird watching, you'll love the next one: Festive robin perch

What you'll need:

- A stick of some description
- A Holey truck. Could be another brand but this would not be guaranteed to invoke the spirit of the holidays

Step one:
Stick your stick in the ground and put the truck on top. If you're lucky like us, you'll have a robin there in no time.


The wreath was legitimately quite fun to make.

What you'll need:
- Fence wire
- Thread or string
- Old skate bits and bobs
- Secateurs
- Bushes, or
- Neighbours who would appreciate their bushes trimmed

We made ourselves a wreath base out of fence wire, leaving long ends with which to attach the trucks. String was strong enough to hold wheels on, and the bush trimmings wrapped round everything else.

It's now sitting proudly on my parents front door.

Whether they are proud is another question.

Either way, I hope this was a welcome treat in the barrage of christmas sales emails.

Send photos if you do get crafty!

Tell you what, whoever can sneak a wheel onto their parents tree as an ornament - send proof and I'll dig you out a discount code.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay rad,
Matt @ Vandem



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