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Buy Nothing Day 2022

It really is a Black Friday...

When the main message being heard around the world is one of over-consumption, materialism and a work-and-spend culture.

None of it is good for the environment.1

Not that fussed? Fair enough, things are tight. But...

It's not good for you either.2

And to add insult to injury... it's probably not even a good deal.3

Thus it is with great pleasure I can tell you that here at Vandem we've got two words for that:

No thanks!4

Our business is not mindless consumerism, nor is it preying on your mental health with aggressive FOMO campaigns.

Our business is joy. We reckon a board helps with that, and we believe the best way forward for your wallet, your sanity and our planet is to buy quality, and to buy once.

Now, enough of that, because although we took a photo of us doing nothing today, we're actually really busy refitting the shop!
Matt @ Vandem

1 It's estimated that over 80% of Black Friday purchases end up in landfill within six months
2 Beyond the basics, a focus on material goods is proven to impair one's ability to savour positive experiences
3 According to research by, 99.5% of Black Friday "deals" are actually more expensive than at the rest of the year
4 Heavily edited to keep it PG :)

What we're really up to...


We're building (yet) more board racks and a new ceiling. We have over 20 years of history squirreled away - it seems a shame not to have some of it on show!
Then if/when I've got no ideas for an email, I can simply pick a legendary board and tell you where it came from and who rode it :)


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