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Bristol Longboard Girls on the BBC

Well well, we've been riding boards, shipping boards, writing emails but in all the craziness of the last few years, this blog has been left quiet.

Today that changes - as we have something worth writing about!

On the news today we saw some familiar faces from Bristol - longboards and all. Check it out!



 Georgia and Danielle have been a staple of the Bristol community for a few years now and have been quietly channelling a lot of energy into creating a space for girls and non-binary people to meet, relax, and above all, skate.

Longboarding is really really fun, and it's enhanced 100% by the community in which we find ourselves doing it.

We're super pumped to see this feature and a brief insight into what it means to some of the girls that skate together.

These good vibes can be yours, too! Check out the bristolgirlslongboard on Instagram to get involved.

There's more in the pipeline and we'll be sharing it as more info becomes available.

For you lads looking for something similar in Bristol, there's the Bristol Longboard Crew.

For anyone further afield, we endeavour to keep this page up to date with a list of local longboard groups. Feel free to get in touch if you want to be featured!

Check the full article on the BBC News here.

Keep riding, keep smiling. Invite a friend - maybe it'll grow into something bigger!


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