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Bristol Balloon Fiesta Skate

What a weekend that was...

Bristol Girls Longboard crew have really outdone themselves this time... and that's saying something, because they tend to do a really good job.

Rob and I (scratch that, Rob did it all. I washed up some mugs and strummed the guitar in the shade) spent Saturday morning bodging together a hippie jump while the skate session went off down in town. We stocked up on water balloons and loaded the car with tons of boards ready for the 4:30am alarm. A great feeling after a few years of skate events and sessions being less of a thing.

 After a very sleepy morning watching the balloons go up we headed to Trenchard street car park...

We drank coffee, danced, hippie jumped, limboed, water ballooned, raced, hid in the shade at every opportunity and generally had a blimmin lovely time. We even gave away a Lush Radian deck (to Charlie, for the best limbo, most effort to land a hippie jump, and the biggest smile) and some Cult Chronicles (to Sonia for hippie jumping a massive 90cm!) as well as vouchers for effort, blood, new tricks and generally being stoked.

Check the video for a bit of an idea...

Thanks Georgia and Danielle for all your effort.

Interested in joining in? Follow the Instagram - since last weekend there's already been a slide session and a few people at the pump track too. No shortage of fun round here!


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