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Are you a radical skater procreator?

Who says scooters are bad?

Ok, a few people who've been swiped out by one in the skatepark might say that.

But this weeks email was inspired by all those lesser toys - scooters, balance bikes, penny boards...

As we've been inundated with parents in the shop lately who are fed up of watching the kids have all the fun and are wanting to get involved!

Whether it's at the park, in the pumptrack or along the sea front, you can have even more fun than your offspring with a cruiser or a longboard.

Photo from heroic longboarding mum Millie. Where is she? Not in office, thats for sure.

The pattern we've seen so far tends to go:
  1. Child rides scooter round pumptrack
  2. Parent buys board to join in
  3. Child cannot live without a similar board
And as such, we've set up a discount code for all you parents thinking about getting involved with the little ones.

Buy one complete and get 20% off a second one with the code:

I haven't fully tested it yet but try adding them to the cart the other way round in case you can save more that way.

I also heard you don't actually have to be a parent for it to work. Thankfully, Shopify is yet to introduce that functionality.



This email has further meaning - firstly, may it serve as inspiration to all current and future mums (looking at you Fiona and Suzie!) that the life you enjoy on your board can continue and continue to evolve.

Secondly, as featured above and in the title image, Hackbrett Longboards are closing the workshop doors after 21 years of providing pure joy and boardfeel to the global longboarding community.

A tough one to take for soul surfers everywhere and for me personally - Hacks boards and brand were as close to the meaning of life as I've found so far. I openly poured my soul into them and found it returned 10x over, and I try to embody that spirit wherever I find myself in life.

If there is something you'd like from their range we have one last chance for an order this summer. Let me know via email if you're thinking about it. I'm faced with the weird situation of trying to work out how many Wassers I'll need to get me through the rest of my skating life... They last a long time... but then, I plan on lasting a long time too!

Surf it like a wave,
Matt @ Vandem


Longboard Girls Crew UK ambassador Hermione getting her son hooked early...
Love it.


I don't think Chris got his kid quite so hooked after this miniramp session...


  • Hi Chi, spot on, an Arica 33". But no, we aren’t stocking them – Millie is the Longboard Girls Crew ambassador for Belgium and France and her travels haven’t yet brought her to Bristol (though we live in hope).

  • That’s a YOW Arica surfskate. I know cuz I’ve got one 😜.
    Are you stocking YOW boards ?

  • watta shop, the passion is real,,good stuff

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