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An old favourite returns...

Remember 2010?

A simpler time.

A time when fun was coveted above all else, and one brand stood head and shoulders above the rest in capturing the imagination of riders the world over.

That brand was Loaded Longboards.

That year they brought out the original Tan Tien, redefining possibilities, blurring boundaries.

And who ended up with one? None other than Danielle's sister, featuring this week in the prestigious main newsletter image above.

14 years later...

It's crusty, but its functional! 

Lately, multitudes of locals have taken their first steps on this very board, and then asked us if they can buy a new one. And so...


Whether its deck only, the Loaded Recommended complete, or the ultimate pleasure-carver with smooth and fast Cult Cultrons underneath, we've got you covered.

Guarantee yourself 14+ years of flexy cruising and big smiles.

Talking of which, thank you to everyone who came along to our summer cruise last night!

I am still grinning,
Matt @ Vandem

A proper evening with sunshine, skateboarding and SAVAGE HAYFEVER!
Thanks easypeelers.photos for the shot!


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