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A look at the new shop, plus a new Loaded dancer!

We're open again!

Rich has climbed the twice the height of Ben Nevis up and down the scaffolding in the last few weeks, all so we had something to talk about in the newsletter!

Before pic, with space to show ~40 boards:

Scroll up for your after shot!

There are now about 80 new boards on display, as well as tons of history on the ceiling, with space for lots more boards, plants, art, photos, aero lampshades...

If you're nearby, come and check it out!

If you're not, please don't order with Royal Mail if you want your stuff in time for Christmas!! It's not their fault, but please do think about choosing DHL at checkout.

In other news, from across the pond we have our hands on the new Loaded Tarab II!

Long anticipated - as with any new Loaded release - and for good reason.


Last but not least - don't forget we have a review contest on until New Year. Drop us a review on Google, be silly, add a photo and you could win a Lush Longboards deck of your choice. Flattering words about the weekly email newsletter will help your chances, too...

Happy second Advent Sunday and good luck with any Christmas shopping,
Matt @ Vandem


The Loaded Tarab II - redeveloped, reimagined, reinforced nose and tail. A technical board - pressed, milled, pressed again out of a combination of bamboo, basalt, cork and eco-friendly resin.

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