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2023 at Vandem Longboard Shop

What's your job title?

I've had many.

After compiling the 50 images above, though, I wonder if Chief Barrel Scraper could be the most appropriate.

All those ideas. What a lot of effort...What a lot of fun!

Like learning to skate.

Like life itself.


None of it is easy. All of it is worth it.

And with our 2023 resolution (world domination) well under way, we know we have to up the ante for 2024.

We're already treading ground that no skateshop has even considered by customising every board that we sell to suit riders of all ages, shapes and sizes.

But you already knew that - what's next?

In 2024, we're going to perfect the art of microwaved Camembert.

Because the taste of a French freeride in the comfort of your own skateshop is the true definition of having made it, new campervans be damned.

Happy New Year, Frohes Neues and Честита Нова Година,
Matt @ Vandem


May your road be smooth and traffic free.


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