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Cult Wheels Rapture - the ultimate Gurston wheel?

The Gurston Time Trial is the longest running downhill skateboarding event in the UK. Held at a hillclimb course in Wiltshire, there have been three already this year and we've been to all of them. Regularly attended by some of the UK's fastest skaters, it's a great proving ground for gear and technique, and to be honest, we think it's an essential pilgrimmage for all UK longboarders who like to go fast!

The Cult Rapture race wheel has dominated this hill since it appeared on the race scene about a year ago. In fact it's been the fastest wheel on the hill ever since it came out, with Lush/Cult/Sabre UK riders Chris Vanstone and Pete Connolly regularly swapping the number one spot for the last few meetings.

We have found a few things about this wheel during all these sessions that might be interesting if you are thinking about buying a set of Raptures but you're not sure which ones to choose.

The Purple 77A  duro slides furthest, but also has a much more defined hookup. So even though it has a little less grip than the super soft White 73A, it's possibly a better choice for some riders as it makes the slide a little easier to control.

The White 73A duro certainly has more grip, a smoother slide and arguably a shorter braking distance - but only if you can control the fuzzier hookup. There is no doubt that this is the duro for the advanced slider or a footbraking style (which Gurston suits), but it's not a wheel for everyone.

We think that the Green 75A Rapture is probably the best balance for most skaters. With almost the same outright grip as the White 73A, but with the defined hookup of the Purple 77A, to some extent it offers the best of both worlds.

Get yourself a set and come down to the next Gurston to check out for yourself!! There's more info on this rad downhill skateboarding event on the Gurston UK facebook page.

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