New Skate Product, Root Longboards -

Brainfukker Slide Pucks - Shipping now!

We just took delivery of Root Longboards "Brainfukker" slide pucks in last week, just in time for testing at this weekend's Gurston.

For those of you who have not been to Gurston, the hill is quite technical, if you are a slider it involves a decent predrift from about 40mph into a right hand corner - so it's a really good place to get a feel for how good a slide puck it! We found them to be insanely durable, with a super smooth slide - right up there with the best pucks we have skated. Not suprising, when you consider that they are the puck of choice for our good friend and Cult Team Rider Sebastian Hertler...

You can pick up a set of these pucks from us in the shop or online, they are available in black or white. Highly recommended!


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