How to Trade in your longboard gear

1-Send us pics & info

2-Get Your Price

3-Send your old stuff

4-Receive discount

How to Trade in your gear

The easiest and fastest way to switch up your used longboard gear for some shiny new stuff is to bring it into our Bristol shop! You could be walking out with a fresh setup in no time.

If you can't visit us, just follow these easy steps:

  1. 1) Contact us for a quote on your old gear.

    Get in touch via Email, Live Chat, Whatsapp or just give us a call!

    We'll need:

    • Decent photos of your item(s) for trade. Make sure everything is in focus and well lit. Take lots of photos from different angles to show us exactly what you've got. For example, for a deck or complete we'd want to see Top, Bottom, Nose and Tail shots. Photos from a decent phone camera are probab ly the best way to go!
    • Full and informative description of your stuff. How long you've had it and how much it's been skated, the item condition, specifics like length, width, flex, brand etc.
    • You must highlight any major flaws for us to give you an accurate trade in quote.
    • We cannot accept items that are damaged to the point of not being usable, eg snapped decks, cored or severely flatspotted wheels, bent trucks, etc.
  2. 2) We'll send you a provisional quote

    How much will I get for my used gear?

    Item Estimated Value*
    Complete £100
    Deck £50
    Wheels £25 (set 4)
    Cast Trucks £25 (per pair)
    Other Stuff Contact us!

    *These are guide prices, and will go up or down based on the condition, age and as-new price of your stuff.

  3. 3) Send us your stuff

    Our address is:

    Arch 4, Berkeley Court Business Park,
    Earl Russell Way,
    BS5 0BX
    0117 9332833

    How you send your stuff to us is up to you. You will pay for the cost of shipping.

    Mark all parcels clearly with "Vandem Trade In" and your name.

    Non-tracked items are shipped at your own risk, we recommned that you use a tracked service wherever possible.

    We will inspect your item as soon as it comes in and reply to you within two working days.

  4. 4) Get Your Discount Code

    Once we have received your stuff, we'll email you a unique discount code for the agreed quote value that you can use on anything on our website marked as "Trade in Available."

    Click here to see all products which are available for trade in!

    We reserve the right to alter our provisional quote if goods arrive in a different condition to as they have been described to us.

  5. 5) Order and go skate!!

    Simply use your discount code to place an order on our website or on the phone, and we'll get your new stuff out to you quick snap!

    There is no time limit on your code, so you can order whenever you like!