Stoneground Longboard Wheels

Stoneground longboard wheels save you the trouble of "breaking in" wheels yourself! Lightly lathed at the factory to remove the smooth surface, these wheels provide a super-smooth and controllable slide straight out of the box, behaving just like a smooth surfaced wheel after it's been slid a few times. Beginners will find stoneground wheels to be very confidence inspiring, as you can just get straight on with learning to slide without tackling a set of "freshies."

Pre-broken wheels like this are perfect for any longboard that you want to slide around on - so Freeride, Dance and Slide setups all benefit.

What our customers say about us:

Rang the store as my computer was taking a leave of absence and ordered my son a board for his birthday. Adam was so incredibly helpful and gave me some great advice. I honestly miss the human side of purchasing products these days that have turned into a non face to face place. I chose this shop over any other simply on the reviews and I am so glad. I would highly recommend! Cheers Adam :-)