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Bronson G3 Bearings

Bronson G3 Bearings are Bronson's "3rd Generation" bearings (the 2nd Generation "G2 Bearing" is available here).

Bronson are an up-and-comer in the skateboarding world, and has evolved their bearings in the last few years to the point where they are a legitimate contender to the once unchallengable Bones Bearings.

Like Bones, Bronson bearings are designed from the ground up specifically for skateboarding, and as such, don't feature an ABEC rating. Here's why ABEC ratings aren't relevant to skateboarding if you've not already read it...

Instead, Bronson G3 bearings have a number of features that set them apart from other bearings out there:

  • "Balls Out" Technology - Unlike Bones Bearings, Bronson G3's feature bearing shields on both sides. However, one of the shields on each bearing has a black pinstripe around it, which needs to face outwards when you install the bearing. This is to do with the cage orientation within the bearing - if you run them the right way round, the cage has no chance of contacting the outer bearing shield if something strikes the outside of the bearing. Quite a nice feature that we've not seen on other bearings.
  • Deep Groove Raceways - Like Bones Swiss Bearings, Bronson G3's feature a deeper groove in the races that the balls sit in. This make the bearing quite a lot better at dealing with side-loads. If you've ever blown out a bearing, you'll appreciate this.
  • "Frictionless Shields" - This is the big reason to get G3's - unlike Bones, Bronson use Labyrinth shields on both sides of their bearings, although the give is a funky marketing name. Labyrinth shields are by far the most effective way of keeping dirt and moisture out of skate bearings, with a tiny roll-speed penalty. So if you don't like cleaning your bearings, Bronson G3's are a better choice than Bones.

Then there's a few other features that are probably just marketing gumpf but you can believe them if you want:

  • "Micro Groove" raceway surfaces - Apparently the races have a series of grooves tracking around them, which "increase spin by eliminating the standing wave of lubricant just in front of the rolling ball." We don't know about you, but we hate that standing wave of lubricant in our bearings... yeah whatever, Bronson.
  • Max impact Cage design - This is a fancy way of saying that they use a GF-Reinforced Nylon Cage like every other bearing brand out there.
  • High Speed Ceramic Oil - According to Bronson, "Oil is blended with nano-ceramic compounds for anti-wear protection for longer lasting bearings and improved speed." In other words, they use something a bit like sewing machine oil in their bearings, like every other bearing brand. In reality it's just the same as any other lubricant like Bones Speed Cream or Sabre Bearing Lube.
  • Factory Fresh Quality - Yes, Bronson G3 bearings are supposedly packaged in "nitrogen filled shrink-wrap" to keep them fresh until you stick them in your wheels. How this affects the longevity or performance of your bearings after this is beyond us... assuming it's even true!
  • Laser Etching on the outer race - but unlike the Bones Super Reds you can't see it once your bearings are in your wheels? Doh...

Most skate bearing brands out there commit the sin of over-egging the marketing pudding to some extent, and you should really forgive Bronson of this with regards to these bearings. The Bronson G3's are a great skate bearing, and a worthy alternative to Bones Reds, Bones Super Reds or even Bones Swiss.

A definite plus point to these is that they come in a swanky metal tin, with bearing spacers and even speed rings - so everything you need. All together a super-strong offering from Bronson and should definitely be on your short-list if you are looking for some fresh bearings.


Bronson G3 Bearings 

Number of balls


Ball Material

Chrome Steel

Race Material

Chrome Steel

Cage Material


ABEC  Rating


Shield Material

Rubber Labyrinth (RU)

Number of Shields


Includes Spacers


Made in


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Excellent ,quickest delivery of anything I've bought this Xmas !!

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