Longboard Dancing and Freestyle Setups

A fusion of eighties freestyle skateboarding and longboard surf footwork, "Dancing" is a fun, popular and accessible next step up from cruising. And all you need is a setup and a car park!


Longboard Dancing and Freestyle setups generally share a lot of features with cruiser boards, though generally smaller wheels and lighter trucks make sudden direction changes a bit easier, at the expense of pure roll speed.

If you're getting into this kind of longboarding you will generally be less worried about getting places on your setup, and more focussed on landing a particular trick, slide or footwork move.

Dancers are generally pretty long to alow you to run up and down the deck as you roll. If you are a longboard surfer looking to improve your footwork when the waves are flat, this is what you want.

It's also the place to go if you are less worried about flips, ollies and shuvit - though many longboard dancers have a nose and tail to allow these tricks, their bigger deck size can make things a bit harder to learn.

Look for the following features:

  • Longer deck space to allow plenty of room for footwork
  • Kicknose and Tail facilitate ollies, shuvits and flips
  • Some have a drop-through cutaway shape to run super-turny trucks and larger wheels without fear of wheelbite. Drop-through mounting also keeps the deck lower, making things more stable at speed, giving an easier footbrake and puch, and creating a more stable platform for landing flip tricks. Lower center of gravity makes for an easy slide - what's not to like?
  • Strong, flexy deck allows good pop but also a pumpable, comfortable ride
  • Mellow concave and narrower width allows free foot movement around the deck - you don't want your feet to be "locked in" on a dancer!
  • Smaller wheels keep the weight down, the acceleration quick and avoid wheelbite at the expense of roll speed
  • High-angle trucks allow for a quick turn and a lively ride despite the longer wheelbase

Lush Freebyrd Lo-Pro Woodgrain Drop Through Longboard


Lush Legend Dancing Longboard


Landyachtz Stratus Spectrum 46" Dancing Longboard


Loaded Mata Hari Dancing Longboard

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What wheels are good for longboard dancing and freestyle?

You want a decent bit of acceleration, so go smaller. Small wheels also keep the weight down - essential when you start to get the board off the ground! Softer duro with a stoneground finish will help make slides smoother and easier, whilst keeping your board rolling fast and smooth.