Vandem Best Sellers

Having trouble deciding which board is for you? Check out this list of our best sellers!

Whether you're after longboard completes, wheels or trucks, if you're not sure which bearings you want, or you're baffled by our bushing selection - this list should help you narrow things down a bit.

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What our customers say about us:

I've been on my new board (Lush Chopper) every day since I got it From Vandem and I'm loving it. I come from straight cruising longboard (Vanguard Loaded) land but I wanted to get something to do bowls etc with my skate mates. I've not done much of that yet, but the agility of the board makes me feel pretty confident there - it feels more like a skateboard, turns and pops in a way I couldn't get either of my longboards to (other board is a Lush machine 80's). But I was surprised by how much fun it was downhill and on the London commute - it's not so good on rough terrain, but with the set up I got (Indy 169 + Orange orangutan fat free's) it sticks to the road and the improved turning circle really helps keep out of trouble.

Super fun! And Adam was very helpful and did a great job setting the board up for me - thanks!