Cruiser Skateboards: Lush Longboards

We have a wide variety of cruiser boards and mini cruisers from the best brands out there to choose from - check out our cruiser board buyers guide for help!

What is a cruiser skateboard?

Cruiser boards are skateboards designed for transport, commuting and rolling about, rather than doing tricks like a regular skateboard. They are around the same size, or slightly smaller than, regular skateboards. They have soft wheels, turny trucks, and often feature retro deck shapes.

What are cruiser boards used for?

Cruiser boards are great for getting to work, college, learning the basics of skateboarding, or just cruising around for the fun of it! If spending years learning kickflips turns you off, and you don't like the idea of a longboard, then you need a cruiser board.

Can cruiser skateboards do tricks?

If your cruiser board with a kicktail, you can do pretty much anything. Tic-Tacs, ollies, flips, even ramp skating is possible, although harder tricks will be easier on a regular skateboard. Old-skool cruisers are better for learning basic tricks and bowl skating when compared to mini-cruisers.

What is the difference between a cruiser and a skateboard?

Cruiser boards are not designed for technical tricks like regular skateboards. They are often a little bit shorter, they have much softer wheels, and more turny trucks. There's a wider variety of deck shapes available, too.

What is the difference between a cruiser and a longboard?

Cruiser boards are much shorter than longboards, which makes them easier to carry, and in most cases, much more turny. Longboards are more stable and forgiving, and have a lot more room for your feet - which makes them very suitable for beginners.

Can I put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?

Definitely! You might need some risers to avoid wheelbite though. Check out our cruiser board comversion kit for everything you need to convert your skateboard into a cruiser.

What is the best cruiser board?

The real answer is - the one that fits your needs best! Go shorter if you can already skate and want a lighter setup, or go longer/wider for an easier ride and the ability to do some tricks.

We stock a wide range of cruisers and mini cruisers to suit every age and budget. If you're not sure what you want - get in touch!

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