Composite Longboard Decks

Composite Longboard Decks

More and more longboard manufacturers are taking notes from the snowboard and surfboard industries and using materials like firbeglass, softwood and carbon in their decks.

Composite longboard constructions do two things - they allow a lot more control over the flex of the board, and they can reduce the weight dramatically.

You'll see fibreglass and carbon used on downhill and freeride decks to increase stiffness way beyond what's possible with just plain old Maple. A super-stiff downhill board tracks lines better, slides smoother, and just feels as if it has more energy than a maple equivilent. Combined with a light weight softwood core, it's possible to create a deck that's both lighter and stiffer than a cheaper alternative.

The same materials can be used to create awesome energy return from a cruising, pumping or dancing deck. Using fibreglass in a layup like this gives an amazing "springy" feeling, which will "ping" you out of turns and carves and create that awesome carving feeling that you'll crave if you surf or snowboard a lot.

Composite decks are a bit more expensive than their all-maple counterparts, but believe us when we say it's worth spending a bit extra on!