Arbor Drop Cruiser

Arbor Drop Cruiser

The new, revised and updated Drop Cruiser from Arbor

A subtly shaped directional double-drop longboard, with a lower platform for ease of push on long commutes, cruising, and freeride. 

A great jumping in point for first time skaters or for the experience skater seeking an easy pushing setup with bags of comfort for a chilled ride.

9 plies of Canadian maple make this a well-built and solid deck, set up with decent components that's a steal at the reduced price. If you're interested in any long distance pushing but not ready to drop a few hundred on the Pantheon, this one will do you a great service.

We have had customers build this up with bigger wheels without any wheelbite issues, including Cult Cultrons and Orangatang Kegels.

Review Information

All Arbor Drop Cruiser have an average rating of 5 with 20 reviews across 2 products. The highest product rating is "5" and the lowest product rating is "0".