Downhill, Speed and Race Longboards

Bombing hills is one of the purest forms of skateboarding, and in our experience most skaters who stick with longboarding for a while eventually end up wanting to go faster and faster. If you are a bit more experienced and you have got the need for speed, We have a selection of downhill, race and speed completes from longboard brands like Lush Longboards, Landyachtz and Hackbrett.

We find that more experienced skaters usually want to build up a downhill setup from a deck, so we carry a much bigger selection of Downhill decks than completes - click here to check them out and order yourself a custom!

Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call or check our Longboard Buyer's Guide!

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  1. Hackbrett Krokodil Freeride Longboard

    Hackbrett Krokodil Freeride Longboard

  2. Hackbrett Longboards Wasser

    Hackbrett Longboards Wasser

    2 reviews
  3. Hackbrett Schnelle Medium Freeride Longboard

    Hackbrett Schnelle Medium Freeride Longboard

  4. Hackbrett Semmel Freeride Longboard

    Hackbrett Semmel Freeride Longboard