Downhill, Speed and Race Longboards

Bombing hills is one of the purest forms of skateboarding, and in our experience most skaters who stick with longboarding for a while eventually end up wanting to go faster and faster. If you are a bit more experienced and you have got the need for speed, We have a selection of downhill, race and speed completes from longboard brands like Lush Longboards, Boardlogic and Hackbrett.

We find that more experienced skaters ususlly want to build up a downhill setup from a deck, so we carry a much bigger selection of Downhill decks than completes - click here to check them out and order yourself a custom!

Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call or check our Longboard Buyer's Guide!

What our customers say about us:

Just pure awesomeness, great bunch of guys that work there and they are all skateboarders!! Really eally helpful with any information you need related to the skate gear and delivery times are fast and reliable!! All product are really good quality, and always have something for everyone an no matter what discipline of skating your doing :D