Angled/Wedge Longboard Risers (pair)

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About this product

Tweak your turning radius. By mounting your trucks on top of these wedge risers, you can either increase or decrease how your trucks turn by changing the geometry of the KingPin and Pivot Point. To make your trucks turn more, position these wedge risers under your trucks with the thick side facing the center of your board.

Made from Urethane

Pack of 2

FAQ's for Angled/Wedge Longboard Risers (pair)

Q: What angle are these risers?


They're about 5 degrees. It's just enough to tweak your longboard trucks so that you'll feel a difference - use less angle ("de-wedging") for more stability, and more angle ("wedging") for more turn. Don't forget that less angle might result in an increased chance of wheelbite!

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Great communication, fast delivery, just awesome.