Pintail Longboards: Dancing Freestyle

You can't beat a classic Pintail longboard for style points! Those classic surf-inspired lines make for a cruiser that will definitely turn heads.

They may not be the most functional of shapes (a drop-through is easer to push and a longboard dancer is better for tricks), but a pintail will never get old.

Longboard pintails have been the standard solution for a cruiser setup for as long as longboards have existed. We have a solid selection to suit your budget, from a super-cheap pintail shape right up to handmade hardwood beauties.

Get in touch or check out our top six longboard suggestions if you need a hand choosing - #wegotyoucovered!

What is a pintail longboard?

A pintail is a traditional style of longboard that takes a lot of cues from malibu surfboards of the past. They commonly vary from 37" up to 44", although they can go right up to 60"!

Short pintails don't have a lot of space on them due to the narrow nose and tail, so don't be put off by a longer length board.

What are pintail longboards good for?

Pintails are built to cruise! Perfect for rolling to the shops, pub, college or just going out for a roll along the seafront, pintails have a classic aesthetic that will never get old.

What is the difference between a pintail and a drop-through longboard?

In terms of how they skate, pintails offer a "surfier" feeling turn, a more classic aesthetic, a mellower carve, and more footspace. Drop-through's are more stable, and easier to learn footbraking, sliding and pushing on.

In reality, both pintails and drop-throughs are fine for beginners, and both are light-years nicer to cruise around on than a regular skateboard. If you like the look of a pintail, go for it. If you are thinking of getting into downhill, maybe a drop-through is a better option for a total beginner.

We'd also recommend a pintail to someone who eventually wants to learn some dancing, but doesn't want to spring for a dancing setup just yet

Are pintail longboards good for downhill?

Most pintails are built to cruise - which means they are flexy. Flex is not what you want for downhill at all - it reduces rider input and contributes to speed wobble. The pintail deck shape is really not ideal for downhill either. If you want to carve up a hill snowboard or surf style, then pintails are great. Just don't get too fast!

How do you stop on a pintail longboard?

You can stop on a pintail the same way you you can stop on any longboard - footbrake, slide or carve your speed off. All of these things are easier to learn on a drop-through longboard first though - so if you plan on hitting the hills, we'd recommend a drop-through over a pintail.

You can learn more about pintails and see our recommendations on our longboard for beginners page!

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