Carver 31" Kai Lenny Lava

KAI LENNY - Carver Skateboards

Carver 31" Kai Lenny Lava

Carver's high performance Hyperspoon concave, the mystical juju of a Kai Lenny graphic... you can't really go wrong with the 31" Kai Lenny Lava surfskate.

A subtle way to show your support for one of the best in the business when it comes to surfing and all-round watermanship, whilst owning one of the best surfskates available.

At 31" this is a great size for most people - it can whip round tight corners, handle a bit of speed and goes easy in the boot alongside your wetsuit bucket. You won't need wax here, though. Proper griptape will keep your feet stuck to the board as intended.

If you have big feet or want to feel a bit more speed under foot, it's worth looking at the larger 34" Kai Lenny Dragon model for some more stability.