Sabre Trucks Standard Truck 180mm (single truck)

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I emailed the shop and used the online chat to discuss which longboard to buy as a beginner. The service and advice given was exceptional and I really look forward to using the shop again the future!

Sabre's value longboard truck is something of a benchmark here at Vandem. It's proven hanger design is super stiff, almost to the point of being unbendable. A 180mm width and "standard" 48 degree baseplate geometry makes it suitable for all kinds of logboard, from cruisers and dancers to full-on downhill and freeride.

Sabre use Gravity Casting to make these trucks, which is considerably stronger than the injection casting used by Paris, Bear and other brands. Combined with Sabre's own aftermarket bushings and pivot cups, this truck is a great upgrade for any longboard and comes highly recommended!

  • 8-hole adjustable 48 Degree baseplate
  • 180mm or 190mm Hanger Width
  • 64mm Axle Height
  • Weight (180mm): 450g
  • Gravity Cast from high-strength 356 Aluminium in precision steel moulds
  • Hardened 4130 Cro-Mo Steel Axle
  • 4.5mm Axle Rake
  • Laser-Etched Hanger
  • F-Type Barrel and Kingcone Bushings
  • Urethane Pivot Cup

All trucks sold individually.

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