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Longboard Slide Kit

Comfy on your cruiser, looking for the next challenge and want to try out sliding?

Sure, you could spend hours reading about wheel characteristics and why built-in bearings are becoming the go-to choice - we built that information into our site to offer you an informed purchase decision.

On the other hand, you could simply pick up this Longboard Slide Kit!

We've spent countless hours riding, sliding, trying new products and tech talking to our heart's content and are confident that the products we've chosen to bundle into this longboard sliding "starter pack" offer the best quality and durability at the best price.

This bundle is designed for someone who already has a longboard but wants to learn to slide in the easiest and safest manner possible. It includes:

Chronicles are a 78A, 65mm stoneground wheel from Cult Wheels. They are renowned for their smooth transition between gripping and slipping, making them one of the best longboard wheels to learn to slide. We haven't found a more forgiving wheel on the market.

Sabre Labyrinth bearings are a built-in bearing produced by Sabre Trucks. Built-in bearings offer multiple advantages to someone learning to slide. First and foremost, the spacers hold the bearings in better alignment than a separate bearing and spacer combo. This means longer-lasting bearings and longer-lasting wheels with a more consistent wear pattern.

Secondly, built in spacers remove your need for spacers and speed rings. This is great if you change your wheels at all - which, if you're buying this kit, you will! There are no small bits to lose and no problem getting the spacer to line up as you put the wheel onto the axle.

Finally, Lush Freeride Gloves complete the package. Lush Longboards have been producing slide gloves longer than anyone else and the glove reflects that - a decade of refinement has left no detail untouched. The Freeride gloves come with removable finger and thumb pucks which massively increase durability, especially for beginner and intermediate level skaters where there is a tendency for fingers to drag on the asphalt.

Why should you learn to slide?

Sliding a longboard can seem daunting at first - the soft wheels grip the asphalt, there seems to be effort involved and there's an ever-present question - what happens if I fall?

Learning to slide a longboard is not an easy process for everyone. So why bother?

Safety - a pretty good rule to follow is to not skate faster than you are able to brake. If you're mastering the footbrake then you'll know how key that is - what's not to like about adding new methods of braking?

Sliding allows you to slow down in straight lines, and around corners. It's the most dynamic way of controlling your speed.

When you can control your speed better, you also unlock new spots! Whether there's a little drop on your commute that you previously had to walk, or a new downhill road that you're building up to: sliding might be the key to riding it safely.

Last but not least, and its probably obvious:

Sliding is really really fun!!

It feels great, it looks stylish and whole sessions, communities, and a discipline - Freeride - have been built on it. Not forgetting high-level downhill skaters who can drift with millimetre precision into corners like rally cars!

Why buy this kit?

Sliding a longboard is fun, it keeps you safe and adds a whole new dimension to your riding.

This kit is therefore a great gift for yourself or the skater in your life who is keen to be out there sliding, but perhaps less keen to spend hours trawling the internet for what wheels are best to do so.

With this kit and a bit of practice, anyone with any board can soon be up and sliding! You'll love it, we promise.

Naturally, we've also built in a bit of a discount for picking up the longboard slide kit compared to each product individually!

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