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Lush Longboards GT Race Gloves

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These new Lush GT Race Slide glove are unbelievably good. Seriously long lasting, super comfy, designed from the ground up for longboarding. If you're fed up with burning through multiple pairs of gloves every year, spend a little extra and get something that lasts!

A good fit is super important when choosing the best slide gloves. If your gloves are too loose and baggy they will get caught on things and rip - too tight and you won't be able to get in them! Use the table below to figure out what size fits you best.

Disclaimer - this is a guide only, if in doubt, get in touch and we will do our best to make sure you pick the right size!

Approx. Glove Size XS S M L XL
Hand Span Length 18.5cm 19cm 19.5cm 20cm 20.5cm
Hand Span Width 9.5cm 10cm 10.5cm 11cm 12cm

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