Santa Cruz Kids Skateboards

Santa Cruz Kids Skateboards

Do you have a 14-16 year old that's talking about having a go at skateboarding? Or perhaps it's mum or dad that's talking... either way, if you're keen to give them the right start then Santa Cruz skateboards have got you covered with this Full Classic Dot.

A great example of a classic brand still doing things right, 50 years on from their beginnings - this Santa Cruz kids range has got every age covered, and not just by making decks a bit shorter!

The Large is (you guessed it) the biggest of their kids offering at 31.5" x 8.25" - we're pretty much talking standard popsicle size now, but there are still a few tricks they've used to make it easier and more functional for teens.

For example, the large completes come with 90a bushings - softer than a standard skateboard, but harder than the smaller boards in the range. This should be about right for the teens to get it straight out the box and get turning: the most fundamental skill in skateboarding and the precursor to every trick in the book!

There aren't many brands thinking on this level and normally we offer to do the personalisation for you - we're stoked that in this case we don't have to, and that Santa Cruz are getting the little ones off to the best start possible.

The wheels on this setup are 95a durometer - again, softer than most standard skateboards but harder than the smaller boards in the lineup. Softer wheels are more smooth and forgiving on tarmac compared to harder ones which are great on the perfect concrete or wooden surface of the skatepark. At 95a, these will be more comfy in the skatepark than on the streets, but soft enough that practising the ollies outside the house when needed.

One thing that may be obvious is that this really is a skateboard, designed for skating street and skateparks, learning tricks. If you think that cruising the neighbourhood or bike path, pushing to school and carving down hills is more what you're after then we'd recommend getting started on a cruiser board instead. It has softer wheels still, and places more emphasis on the fun of rolling around than on learning technical tricks.

The Santa Cruz Large is a great skateboard at a great price - ideal for taking the first steps, but also the second, and the third... By the time they destroy it, they'll have more then earned the new deck, and the other components can transfer straight over!