Lush Mako Pintail

Lush Mako Pintail

Iconic UK longboard brand Lush have finally got back in the pintail game!

The Mako is a refined 44" pintail shape, fuller and longer than most others we have in the shop.

By rounding off the nose and tail, Lush have managed to create a shape that no only looks good (which is, let's face it, the whole point of a pintail!), but it's also a lot more functional than most other pintails out there.

A mellow flex, long wheelbase, wheel wells, a die-cut griptape job, and a simple graphic on a super-classy woodgrain finish make the Mako the perfect choice if you want a pintail longboard.

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All Lush Mako Pintail have an average rating of 4.94 with 50 reviews across 2 products. The highest product rating is "5" and the lowest product rating is "0".