75a Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheels... you can never have enough of them! We have pretty much every kind of longboarding covered, from super slidey to the fastest and grippiest race wheels out there.

There's a lot to know about wheels, it's worth the time to check out our longboard wheels guide if you are confused.

Once you have figured out what kind of wheels your longboard needs, use our filter to refine your selection down by wheel diameter, wheel width, core position and wheel lip shape. You can also easily see what longboard wheel brands and colours are available. It's even possible to filter by running surface... stoneground or smooth race finish.

If you want the easy option then we recommend that you filter by skating style. We've split wheels up into:


You can also call or chat to us live online Mon-Fri- 9am-5.30pm for expert advice - and when we say expert advice, we have skated pretty much everything we stock to the limit so we really know what we are talking about!

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