Carver 31" JOB Aqua Tiger

JAMIE O'BRIEN - Carver Skateboards

Carver 31" JOB Aqua Tiger

You know I can't write a description for a Jamie O'Brien board without saying it... STAY PSYCHED!!! The Carver 31" JOB Aqua Tiger is a proper all-round surfskate for the pipe master himself.

At 31" it's short enough for everything, and long enough for everything else. A real sweet spot for surfskates that we see reflected in many brands and models.

JOB has a longer model at 33.5" too - check out the Pink Tiger here.

Jamie is famous for riding everything from foamies to inflatable unicorns in massive conditions... we're just glad his Carver Pro Models are made of wood. No danger of punctures here. We can't promise that tree barrel won't close out, though.

Carver's high-performance Hyperspoon concave will hug your feet and give you confidence to drive hard out of turns and send out that imaginary driveway spray we're dreaming of.

Just choose whether you want the supertight turns of the C7 trucks or the slightly more stable-at-speed CX trucks and away you go.

Throw buckets!