Carver 32" Black Tip

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Carver 32" Black Tip

The new Black Tip from Carver is a proper bit of kit.

The first Carver board we've seen with a composite construction - the "duro-fusion" laminate - for extra pop and durability.

You'll also notice the channels on the bottom... this not being an actual surfboard, I'd be lying if I said they make a difference to the ride. Top marks for attention to detail though, and it looks sick!

What does make a difference to the ride is Carvers Hyperspoon concave. It's deeper than the other boards, with a dish in the nose and a steeper tail. This translates directly to more hold on both feet - no problems about your feet moving, and you can properly put some force through the board with 100% confidence in your foot placement.

Available with either the Carver C7 or CX truck system.