Longboard Wheels 66mm-70mm

This is a great size of wheel for most longboards - big enough to roll over rougher surfaces and hold speed, but still small enough to avoid wheelbite and light enough to throw around. Recommended for most setups if you are looking for a smoother, plusher ride and higher roll speed than smaller wheels.

What our customers say about us:

A Kegel is a Kegel but the reason I buy my Kegel from Vandem is because they arrived at my door halfway across the country 20 hours after hitting the "confirm" button, at no extra cost.
This crew is almost creepily eager to get you your gear . Not just to make a sale; more to provide for your needs . . they actually seemed more excited than me, that I was getting a set of new wheels . . . last time I ordered something I said "no stickers" . . . . 
and they send me a different freebie!
What the hell ?
True enthusiasm, and expertise, is worth way more than any warehouse discount.