Tony Hawk SS 540

Tony Hawk SS 540

Little one keen to try out this skateboarding thing - big one not so keen on the price tag? Look no further than the Tony Hawk Signature Series 540 boards.

It's pretty safe to say that this is the entry-level for a functional skateboard, anything less is a toy and - to put it bluntly - barely postponed landfill. But if you're going to trust someone to put together a solid board at great value, Tony Hawk has got to be on the list!

At 31.5" x 8" this is a model for slightly bigger kids, ages 10-14+, but naturally there is some wiggle room there - it's good to have some room to grow!

Whilst the size and shape of this board is great for the little ones, we've found the stock bushings to be a bit too hard for them to really get leaning and turning. Don't fret! We can personalise that for you. For most people looking at this board, you'll want to choose "Extra soft" or "Soft" from the dropdown before adding to cart - and we'll ship out the originals with the board so you've got options for later down the line.

With hard (99a) wheels and full double-kick profile this is definitely one for those who are keen to get into the skatepark. If cruising around the cul-de-sac is more the vibe, we'd highly recommend starting out on a cruiserboard where the soft wheels will make the whole thing easier, smoother and more fun for all involved.

But if you are looking for a great value, well-built skateboard to get dropping in, you simply can't argue with grabbing a Tony Hawk SS 540.